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87 percent of employees worldwide are not engaged, costing businesses
trillions worldwide, each year.

Gallup study (2016)

communication tools

Impactful Communication

Don’t let the message get lost in the noise of
traditional email. KorbytGO’s CMS allows for targeted
messaging that engages employees with relevancy.

internal communications app

Timely Messaging

Deliver messages in a convenient way for your
enterprise to ensure visibility. Employees can see
and react to messaging in a timely manner.

communication tools

Mobile Accessibility

Provide real-time content directly to all employees.
Never worry again about whether a message is
successfully reaching remote employees.

 internal communications app
communication tools

Additional features are available.

See all the customization and integration capabilities of KorbytGO.

Customization and Integrations

An Appealing Activity Feed

Personalized content with social media-like UX design that will feel like
“home” to employees. Relevant messages, media and surveys will
populate based on schedules, and urgent posts appear at the top.
Employees can actively engage by “liking” and commenting on posts.

Real-Time Employee Surveys

Encourage two-way interactivity between employers and employees with
relevant, meaningful surveys. Employees can easily respond with a few
taps on the screen, and employers receive real-time feedback.

Streamline Work Routines

KorbytGO is a dream come true for deskless, remote and field-based
employees. The app provides a convenient way for employees to manage
shift plans, request vacation or submit a nonattendance report. KorbytGO
fully integrates with enterprise HR systems such as PeopleSoft,
Shiftboard and SAP HCM.

Visual Performance Indicators

Spur on performance with real-time metrics. Configurable to be viewed by
individual-view or team-view indicators — provide employees with visual
gauges of progress and goals. Easily integrate data from enterprise
systems such as Salesforce, Tableau and Microsoft Power BI.

Accessible Content Libraries

KorbytGO makes secure document sharing and collaboration easy.
Employees can easily access enterprise libraries and upload via intranet
integrations such as SharePoint.

Emergency & Crisis Communications

KorbytGO features a safety and crisis alert program that can potentially
save lives in the event of an emergency. Employers can quickly target the
right audiences with messages that require a response. The returned
information compiles a report for quick action (e.g., the need for first

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